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In the March 2017 episode of the CLIMAS Southwest Climate Podcast, Mike Crimmins and Zack Guido discuss the winter season in the Southwest - with an eye towards how Arizona and New Mexico have fared (temperature, precipitation, snowpack, streamflow forecasts, etc.), as well as to the exceptional events taking place in California and across the Intermountain West.  They also try to put this "La Niña" into context, how it did (or did not) meet expectations, and whether that even matters at this point, as well as what the rumblings of El Niño might mean for the rest of the Spring (and 2017 overall). 

The project was designed to illustrate the UA's expansive campuswide sustainability projects, programs and features in an accessible and centralized way.

Two UA researchers, both scheduled to give talks during the Tucson Festival of Books, speak about the importance of the current nationwide conversation about the contributions of women in STEM.

A jaguar has been spotted by a trail camera in the Dos Cabezas Mountains of Arizona, a rugged range more than 60 miles north of the Mexican border. Nearly 300 miles of border fence currently run along Arizona's southern border, the majority of which is somewhat porous, and mainly intended to prevent vehicles from coming through. Luckily, animals such as jaguars appear to be capable of passing through it, although if the wall becomes more impermeable that could be a problem for larger wildlife, says Melanie Culver, a researcher at the UA.


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